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Images from Recent Publications @ CSHL

  • Ballouz & Gillis Genome Med 2017

    Functional convergence trend calculation

  • Li et al eLife 2017

    Dynamic expression of lncRNA Ephemeron during exit from naïve pluripotency

  • Lu et al Nat Neurosci 2017

    Optogenetic activation of L2 ChCs in PL inhibits PL firing, including BLAPC firing, in freely behaving mice

  • Romero-Hernandez & Furukawa Mol Pharmacol 2017

    Ligands and domain organization of NMDA receptors

  • Wu & Tollkuhn Mol Pharmacol 2017

    Neonatal deletion of Esr1 in Vglut2+ and Vgat+ neurons

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