Genentech Center for the History of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

The Genentech Center, a part of the CSHL Archives, focuses on documenting the basic scientific research that underpinned the development of molecular biology and biotechnology. This research, carried out initially in academic laboratories, led to the development of recombinant DNA techniques, which in turn stimulated entrepreneurial scientists to create biotechnology companies.

The mission of the Genentech Center is to identify, acquire, preserve, digitize, and promote the original correspondence, papers, and research material of the individuals and institutions that were crucial to the development of molecular biology and biotechnology worldwide.

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Collections contain personal correspondence, laboratory notebooks, photographs, reprints and videos.

Personal Collections:

brenner Sydney Brenner
carlson2Elof Carlson
gilbert Walter Gilbert
muller Hermann J. Muller
BruceWallaceBruce Wallace
weissmannCharles Weissmann
yanofskyCharles Yanofsky
zinderNorton Zinder

History of Science Annual Meeting at CSHL

Forty Years of mRNA Splicing:
From Discovery to Therapeutics

October 22 - 25, 2017

Mila Pollock, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Phil Sharp, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joan Steitz, Yale University/HHMI

The meeting will be held in Grace Auditorium at Cold Spring Harbor commencing 1:45 pm on Sunday, October 22, and finish in the late afternoon on Tuesday, with departures the following morning, October 25, after breakfast. Themes include:

    History and Overview
    Biology of Spliceosome
    Introns, Exons and Alternative splicing
    Spliceosome Complexes
    Diseases of mRNA splicing
    Therapeutic approaches to mRNA Splicing diseases

For these unique meetings, we invite speakers who made many of the seminal discoveries that began the field, as well as those who are working on the topic now.  We also invite historians of science who have examined the topic, setting it in its scientific and societal context.  Like the previous meetings in the series, this meeting will provide an excellent opportunity to look in-depth at a topic and share the stories that are often missing from academic accounts.

We anticipate the meeting will interest a broad range of individuals, including scientists, clinicians, historians, activists, and science journalists.

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digitalcollections3 symposium
In June 2005, the Josiah Macy Foundation awarded the CSHL Library & Archives a grant to conduct a pilot project to digitize and catalog selected materials from our archival collections. History of the Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology describes the focus of each Symposium, participant list and photographs.
Oral History

oral history

Oral History Collection consists of more than 175 video interviews with pioneers and prominent contemporary scientists in molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology.